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Give finance a chance

As an old Greek proverb says “good finance give good friends better relationships”

As is it obvious especially in our days, the finance is as important as the good housekeeping was in the past decades. Nowadays, where the majority of our lives is based on the supply and demand of goods or services, the effective use of our financial resources is an extremely important topic to consider.

The modern world is spinning around the idea of financial relationships, either in physical relationships between persons or in bilateral agreements between companies or countries. The modern era of finance is about trust, cooperation aiming at the augmentation of profits and shares. As a result, the areas of economic studies and finance has become an incredibly popular field of education around the world and keep on fascinate many young people.

However, the modern era of finance has also developed the classic financial relationships and the ways that payments and all other economic procedures are made. In the meantime, such modern technologies that are incorporated in our smartphones, have made the necessity of correct financial behavior even more important. When we think about this in the light of fraud or misguidance that IT technologies may comprise, the importance of finance seems a lot more important than once thought for a person.
Let’s think about it in the context of our everyday lives and make our own thoughts…

It is a common feeling when our monthly salary gets s into our bank account that we have to pay our bills, our insurance or buy everything we feel that we need. In the case when someone has a family? Then the obligations get larger and more attention is given to the needs of our children or spouse/wife. The same goes for the companies or small enterprises as well. For example, a company has to share the financial earnings to satisfy the inevitable expenses. On the other hand, the company has to follow a development program to expand and have greater profits.

We have also seen that relationships between countries are based on the finance as well. More attention should be given in the correct use of financial resources to sustain at the idea of ‘good housekeeping’ either if it is for the everyday life or for a more complicated organization as a country or nation. The aim should also be to avoid the mistakes of the past and not to risk entering into situations where the insecurity and financial degradation may appear as a returning nightmare.